About Novis Oil

Novis Skin Care offers a 3 Tier Product range: Novis Oil (9) (6) & (3)

The product range provides amazing results in treating Acne & Breakout Prone Skin, it is a moisturising oil that contains no acids and you simply apply to the face or area of choice.

We feel there is no other product available currently that can match the effectiveness and speed in repairing your skin.

If you already have good skin, then Novis Oil is still for you. Its natural blend of ingredients help feed your skin, to improve your complexation and keep it healthy and hydrated.


“Bad skin” does not just affect appearance but also self-confidence, and with skin covering all of the body it is something we take for granted and often neglect.

That is why Novis Skin Care is a new concept of cosmetics, providing products that produce effective and fast results.

We are that confident in the Products Performance we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - For more information see our Returns Policy.

If you wish for clean healthy skin, then follow the simple Novis Oil steps - Apply each day or as often as possible and you will see an improvement in a matter of Days.

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During 2018, Novis Skin Care carried out a study on Novis 6 Oil to showcase the positive effect this product has for people with troubled skin, mainly “breakouts”

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The study was over a 4 week period. The volunteers underwent a consultation with a Dermatologist who created a baseline grading of each volunteers skin prior to using Novis 6 Oil, after which the volunteers where instructed to use the product twice a day, morning and night. After the 4 weeks the Dermatologist carried out the same assessment on the skin and recorded any difference or improvement.

Here you will see the feedback obtained from the volunteer’s questionnaire along with other supporting evidence.



Agreed NOVIS is easy to apply


Said blocked/raised pores look to be less visible


Agreed that NOVIS improves the look of their skin


Agreed that skin feels smoother after using NOVIS


Said they have more confidence after using NOVIS

0 Days

The average number of days it took the volunteers to notice any change to the skin

Novis Oil contains only natural ingredients:Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, 


General notes that the volunteers made during the NOVIS trial:

  • The sensation of oiliness was reduced as well as the quantity of dead cells on skin.
  • A volunteer felt her skin was more hydrated.
  • A volunteer noted that her acne was improved.
  • During the first 6 days of use a volunteer’s pores emerged and the number of pimples increased. However, one and a half weeks after the first application her skin condition and acne improved.
  • After using the product, the look of a volunteer’s face has improved and is more hydrated.
  • During the first days of use some pimples emerged. Although only a small number of new pimples was noted since then. The volunteer praised the product on its performance on his face during the last days of use. Although he would prefer to use the product just once during the day, he is totally satisfied with the product and would definitely purchase it.

2 weeks after the first application:

  • 7 volunteers presented a decrease of inflammatory lesions.
  • 2 volunteers presented an increase of inflammatory lesions.

4 weeks after the first application:

  • 3 volunteers presented a further decrease of inflammatory lesions.
  • 7 volunteers presented no new inflammatory lesions at all.
  • No volunteer presented an increase of comedones.
  • 3 volunteers presented fewer comedones.
  • 2 volunteers presented a decrease of discolouration and erythema of their lesion and an overall more homogenous complexion.

After the clinical evaluation following the 4-week use period:

  • 4 Volunteers presented a reduction of the size and number of their pores.