Our Story



Növis means NEW

New relationship with your skin. New confidence. New YOU!

We create easy-to-use, one-step products that empower you to look and feel your best.

Why we’re different

Everyone’s skincare journey is unique but the impact of skin problems isn’t. Növis Skincare was founded by Louis Barston, one of the 21.7 million people in the UK that experience acne at some point during their lifetime. After struggling to find a cure, feeling overwhelmed by choice and frustrated at wasting money on ineffective treatments, he began to experiment with his own formulas and discovered what is now our best selling product.

Növis Oil is a game-changing blend of 100% natural ingredients that transformed Louis’s skin in just ten days and prevented breakouts from returning. For the first time in his life he did a double take in the mirror and felt confident in the way he looked. Two applications a day really did keep the acne away!

Our Journey

Since launching in 2016 we’ve welcomed thousands of customers to the Növis Skincare family and helped them to transform their skin.

Now, there is a Növis Oil for everyone. Növis Oil 6 (Nourish) is the original and we’ve added two more incredible formulas to the collection to cater to every skincare goal. Whether you want to boost your glow, add nourishment or heal stubborn skin conditions like acne and psoriasis, we’ve got you covered.




People First

We believe in purpose over profit and launched Növis Skincare as a solution to a problem that affects the quality of life of millions of people around the world. We pour love into our product development, spending the time to perfect formulas, source the best quality ingredients and rigorously test the results, only bringing to market what we would use ourselves.

Pay It Forward

Növis Skincare exists to help people feel more confident in their own skin. The simple act of paying-it-forward benefits both our customers and the planet with the donation of financial profits committed to the support of under-priviledged communities, our forests and our oceans. As the company grows, so will our positive impact on the planet.

A portion of Növis Skincare’s profits are donated to Love Support Unite and to empower communities in Malawi to become self-sufficient with sustainable resources and infrastructure that will elevate them from poverty.

Collective Sustainability

We want to help our customers to live more sustainably. We're working towards a more sustainable business model where every order contains a prepaid envelope that allows customers to send back empty glass bottles with minimal fuss. We will sanitise these to industry standards and where possible, reuse them within the business to reduce the consumption of raw materials needed to produce new packaging.