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Novis oil



Glow. Nourish. Heal.

• The full Növis Oil collection to kickstart your skincare journey

• 3 x 20ml

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What is the Növis Oil Care Pack?

The full Növis Oil collection to put you on the road to better skin. The Care Pack includes one bottle of our healing treatment (Növis Oil 9) to detoxify and banish breakouts, one bottle of our origingal nourishing treatment (Növis Oil 6) to boost overall skin health and one bottle of our Glow treatment (Növis Oil 3) to maintain results and radiance. Begin with Növis Oil 9 and use until empty before moving onto Növis Oil 6. Repeat process and use Növis Oil 3 to maintain results. Enjoy free UK delivery with this product.

Who it’s for

Skin that needs some serious TLC. All three strengths, suitable for all skin types.

Why it’s great

The Növis blend of Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil (Apricot Oil), Olea Europaea Fruit Oil (Olive Oil), Cannabidiol Hemp Oil in our Növis Oil products is naturally antibacterial and delivers intense nourishment from a combined dose of vitamins and amino acids that boost glow, nourish and heal the skin.

Vitamin A; Slows the production of oil, clears pores and stimulates collagen.

Vitamin E; Protects against free radicals, reduces blemishes and soothes.

Vitamin K; Brightens dark circles, boosts elasticity and promotes healing and repair.

Antibacterial; Naturally-occurring antibacterial properties kill skin-present bacteria.

Amino Acids; Protect against dryness, moisturise and maintain radiance.






100% Natural

Targets Acne & psoriasis

Good for stubborn skin conditions

free Uk Delivery

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How to use

With two Növis Oil applications each day you’ll be well on your way to your best skin in just ten days.

Starting with Növis Oil 9, apply product to skin twice per day. Once the bottle is empty move onto Növis Oil 6 and follow the same steps. By this point your skin should be significantly transformed. Maintain your results with two daily applications of Növis Oil 3.


• Apply a generous amount to cleansed skin both morning and night.

• Distribute using clean hands and let it soak in.

• Recommended usage amount for maximum results: four drops for the forehead area and three to four drops on each cheek area. When it comes to Növis Oil, there’s no such thing as too much! For faster results saturate the skin until it looks wet and leave it to soak in.

• You may experience a ‘skin purge’ in your first few days of use. This is completely normal and a natural part of the Növis Oil process as the product works to accelerate the lifecycle of spots, enabling them to surface and heal faster.

How it works

Contrary to popular belief, spots don’t just appear. By the time a pimple is visible to the human eye, it’s been developing under the skin for a while. Thanks to the healing properties in Növis Oil’s proprietary blend, two applications of the product per day accelerates the lifecycle of a spot, encouraging it to surface earlier and heal quicker.

Thanks to the vitamins and amino-rich acids naturally occurring in Növis Oil’s proprietary blend, this powerful solution boosts overall skin health. With continued daily use the product promotes radiance and glow, targets signs of ageing, evens out skin tone, minimises scarring and reduces the frequency of breakouts.

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