Our Pledge

Eco Commitment

Here at Novis Skin Care we fully understand the impact of human consumption on the planet, so sustainability is at the forefront of our business and with that we are going to implement an Eco Pledge in our company to reduce waste and our Carbon Impact on the planet.

In order to reduce waste, we will look firstly for support from our customers, because we believe that if we can work together then our pledge will be light work. As our products are supplied in glass bottles, we have implemented that each purchase will be sent with a pre-paid return envelope, with the idea that once you have used your product, you can simply place the empty bottle into the return envelope which will be received at the NOVIS HQ. The used items will then undergo a hygienic cleaning process so that every glass bottle will be available to reuse for production – this we feel will be such a positive way to reduce the consumption of raw materials needed to produce more glass bottles. Any parts of the product that can not be re-used will be carefully selected for recycling, such as the Cardboard packaging or plastic lids should they be damaged or not fit for purpose.

In efforts to reduce our carbon footprint during production, we aim to put in place an order and supply chain method that removes the need for regular stock shipments. This means that we will calculate the stock required and forecast a two yearly supply, removing the need for multiple stock orders throughout the year, and reducing the carbon emissions compared with traditional methods whereby a constant supply of stock is being transported all year round via aircraft.

Charity Commitment

As the company grows, we not only want to help reduce the strain on the planet but we are focused on giving back to the planet and to helping those affected by the changing climate. Novis Skin Care has recently partnered with a charity in Malawi who is focused on helping rural communities gain education and to help the community in which they live in. We have pledged to help this Charity grow and gain funding so that they can expand their reach and help more people in the community. Click Image for charity information:


We aim to provide the charity with 10% of our yearly profits in their campaign to help grow the support they provide. This is something Novis Skin Care is strongly committed to and with support and growth in the company we plan to increase the initial 10% up to 30% in the coming years, as Founder Louis Barston is a strong believer in what this charity work means to the communities of Malawi.

Going forward, Founder Louis Barston hopes to provide funding in other areas that can help the global efforts in tackling climate change with his main focus on the health of the oceans and rainforests across the planet - in his eyes both are extremely important to each and every person on the planet.

Company Values

The main purpose of Novis Skin Care is the aim to help and provide for others, from the inspiration to create the first bottle of Novis 6 oil to help improve skin and boost self esteem, to our eco pledge and charity commitments to give back to the people and the planet. The company is not solely set up for profits driven success and Founder Louis Barston aims to use the growth of the company to financially help and support as many global causes as possible.

Our Founder Louis Barston is very passionate about the products he creates and improving the lives of others. Time is spent selecting the best ingredients and perfecting the formulas, which is why each product developed only goes to market when he is happy that the product delivers what the customers desire, and not just to release products that sell well, but don’t always deliver - a product that performs for the customer is more profitable in his idea of success than a product that just makes the company money.