Success Stories

Lucy, 17

“Before using Novis oil I had lots of spots under my skin, on my forehead and loads on my cheeks where I have a lot of make up. I had tried so many products and they either didn’t work or they would start to work and then stop working. It took a few days for me to see a result using Novis Oil but once I saw the change i was impressed. It cleared up my spots on my cheeks and is working on my forehead, it gives me confidence to not wear make up and I’m not worried to show off my skin anymore.”

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Annie-Mae, 20

“It’s very easy to use. At night I would let it soak in, in the day I would rub it in. I thought Novis Oil was very easy to use, clean and efficient. I used Novis Oil (6) for about 3 weeks and could notice changes within the first 7 days. Novis Oil made a difference to my break outs a lot, it’s made my skin so much cleaner and healthier.”

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Adam, 20

“At the time I had really bad breakouts, I had used most over the counter products from the shops and even the GP treatments along with some Laser Treatment in Harley Street – it never stopped the issue but would sometimes ease the level or number of breakouts. I had even tried all the internet myths about stopping breakouts and none ever worked. I used Novis Oil for 7 days, and let it soaked into my skin.

After the 10 days, I noticed how soft the skin was by sight and touch. I also noticed I didn’t have any angry breakouts anymore and the breakouts where gone. [My breakouts have] stopped all together – but if I did get any tiny pimples/white heads I would just add the Novis Oil (6) directly onto the area and leave to soak – within hours the profile of the pimple would be almost gone.

Having had a problem for about 10 years, I was so surprised to find a product that stopped the problem in just 10 days. It means a massive difference to my social confidence as that my skin isn’t flared up and I don’t have any angry breakouts.”

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